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International Education Week 2018

International Education Week 2018

International Education Week presents a cascade of events from Monday through Saturday, enlightening students about different cultures and traditions we have on campus. It’s a means of gathering students together to join in cultural festivities and maybe learn a thing or two. IEW integrates the minds of students in the world of other countries and allows them to engage in activities that might not be done here in the US. It also allows us to celebrate different languages that are ‘floating’ around on campus.

Having an event such as this one helps the college incorporate different cultural ideals into campus life. It engages students in understanding different cultures that are celebrated all over the world. Having an event like this allows students to become more open minded and aware of all the other traditions that are noticed throughout the year, relevant to the students on campus. Just because we are not in the respective countries does not mean we should not be mindful that there is a population of international students on campus who like to celebrate and enjoy festivities surrounding holidays based in their countries.

Rachel asked a few students on campus why they think that having an event such as IEW are important for college campuses. Here are their responses:

Yue Sun; International Student from China

“I think its important because this world is globalized and people need to exchange their ideas and should step out from their country and look at what other countries do and to immerse themselves in other cultures and to learn from different aspects that they can utilize in their own cultures. In terms of IEW will be good because it’s a way to help combine the international students in WAC but also a good opportunity to have domestic students to step out into other countries and learn more.”

A dialogue between two exchange students from France, Chloe and Alexandra

Chloe: “I think’s it relevant where people can discover other cultures.”

Alexandra: “It’s fun and you can talk to everyone”

Chloe: “It’s important because people become more open-minded and discover other cultures”

Alexandra: “Maybe they would want to study abroad.”

Lastly, a comment from a study abroad returnee, Calisa

“I think international education week is important to learn about different cultures through food, music, language. It helps us to see that although we are completely different we also have our similarities.”

Please review the gallery below of photographs from this year’s World Culture Festival, an IEW event in conjunction with the Student Events Board (SEB) celebrating Diwali and foods of the world!

Written by Rachel Agyare and Edited by Alex Levy

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