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Places you Leave
by: Felicia Attor

Fear of forgetting how it looks
Forgetting its sensations
They too like people leave scars.

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An Ode: the bouncer
by: Emily Stakem

Savior in the night
Okay, but how old is he?
Follower of rules.

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The Great Wall
by: Nina Black

Oh my God its hot
Wait I need to take a break
There's so many steps

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Military Time
by: Anonymous

time zones are a bitch
math is too difficult
I missed my train again

On Our First Night, We Danced with Some Old Dude Missing a Hand    by: Gabrielle Rente

Bumbling bodies bustled to and fro on Obispo

As street vendors echoed their daily sales.

Over old Havana the sun was setting low

and clubs and bars with salsa son wailed.

A trumpet’s roar snagged me by the heart,

as the band suddenly struck up a familiar art.

I closed my eyes and swayed to the song,

falling along every measure and singing along.

When a cry from behind broke me from my trace;

my friend had found a partner with whom to dance.

He was thin in stature, a childish gnome,

He took her in his arms and rocked to the trombone.

His smile missing teeth, his head without hair,

And only one hand but he didn’t care.

He lifted her hand and gave it a kiss,

then back into the crowd he vanished like mist.

So our trio continued our short journey home.

Half way there another band

When, then just again, our affectionate creepy gnome

took me in his arms and danced, a repetition of before.

Only thing is, then he wanted a kiss on the face

Well, from a stranger on the street, that’s a no-go,

So to escape and put him in his place,

With a yell, I said “Necessito ir al baño!”

It was a pleasure to dance, and yet I prefer,

To dance to the salsa without any creeps,

so if he had followed again I would then defer.

But seriously, Cuba was great, memories I’ll forever keep.


On April 26th, in collaboration with the Rose O'Neill Literary House, GEO hosted an international poetry writing event. Students were encouraged to write poetry inspired by their travels abroad or desire to travel. 

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by Mairin Corasaniti

It's easy, right?
A mild tongue twister where
         we twisted tongues
         and fell in love, right?
         I was half-blossomed,
             and half-tired
             and half-assed everything
                  (as sixteen year olds
                            tend to do)
        and then -- you. 
          We shared few words -- 
               lots of touches -- 
               when I said 别忘我
               and hugged you --